Desperate Saudi Arabia Offers To Cut Production By 500,000 Barrels

Bringing Iran into the fray out of panic will also give the Persian nation the recognition it wants in the oil and gas industry, allowing for it to extend its grip on the Middle East on its economi…

Πηγή: Desperate Saudi Arabia Offers To Cut Production By 500,000 Barrels

Deutsche Bank seeks to reassure investors as shares slide

Stock drops as much as 7% sparking sell-off in European banks Deutsche Bank sought to convince investors that it did not need a government bailout and had no plans for a capital increase on Monday …

Πηγή: Deutsche Bank seeks to reassure investors as shares slide

In Damascus there is a record of US military talks with militants LIH …

Syrian National Council President Abbas Khadija said that Damascus is proof of the talks of the US Army against militants of the terrorist organization banned in Russia ‘Islamic state.’.

 ‘The Syrian army bugged conversations between Americans and Daishev (Arabic acronym IG -. Ed) Before the raid on Deir ez-Zor. . . Daishev US forces sent to attack the positions of Syrian troops after application of these attacks ‘, – quotes RIA Novosti news agency the statement by the Syrian representative.

Abbas added that the details of the US military negotiations and LIH fighters will be announced later.

Seventeenth September the international planes’ antiigilovskoy coalition ‘struck four blows to the Syrian government troops in the terminal region of Deir ez-Zor. As a result of the raid killed 62 soldiers, another 100 people were injured. Immediately after that, the Syrian army attacked the terrorists.

Photo: marines. mil


finally … WEST charlatan you get what you want, a general world conflict, the third world war !!!

 … And you want a war because the production / industry, etc., have been stagnating and “ASK / looking for a war hard to reopen the Business, the usury RUNNING you and dominate you !!!

And rejoice in the prospect of this war, be approximately 200 million dead people,
not at all interested,
only the finan Look will begin to run in their pockets !!!

Care has been the Western world to send to bed,
I used the stupid media not knowing what it is that dawns !!!


… 7>E<7 …

*** Very urgent ‘Golden Dawn’ together with some of the ‘Lost Tribes’ joined and …
1) and they Swallower Duhtche BANK and Merkel ???
2), and leads Merkel to the international court for crimes against humanity, along with Soros etc … ???
3), after November 2016, will is, an international landmark, ‘For the great homecoming’ ???
And station for … twists ???
The time is short … for any !!!

*** Very – Very Soon, we to say ‘Goodbye Merkel’
Yes or No …???

No-Fly Zone Would ‘Require War with Syria and Russia’ – Top US General Warns of WW3

Video post by @BLUETROMOS.

Πηγή: No-Fly Zone Would ‘Require War with Syria and Russia’ – Top US General Warns of WW3