Medical Records Leaked
She Must Step Out Of The Race For President Immediately.
She Is NOT FIT For The Job –

PRESENT (Patient) COMPLAINTS – Blacking Out for short periods of time,
Uncontrollable Twitching, Memory Loss, Fatigue.

INTERIM MEDICAL HISTORY – …She states the Blacking Out, Uncontrollable Twitching and Memory Loss have become worse over the past few months. Patient has been diagnosed (previously) with having Complete Partial Seizures in early 2013 and was diagnosed with having Early-Onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia in Mid 2013.

MEDICAL EXAMINATION – Patient shows signs of ADVANCING SUB-CORTICAL VASCULAR DEMENTIA after MMSE was performed. The patient scored significantly lower on todays test than when tested in 2013 (one year earlier). The patient is also showing signs of having more FREQUENT COMPLEX PARTIAL SEIZURES.


Author: sevenepsilonseven

Innovative Exploitation of Funds / Vessels / Shaping of Pubic Opinion / Loans in Gold / Creation / Development of a new Currency - With official introducation in Foreign Excange Market (FOREX) !! ***Against Of The New Order Things - Against Globalization ... the enemy of idiots***

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