Gold Forecast August 15, 2016, Technical Analysis


08:58:48 (GMT)
Start trading

Bid: 1335.35
Ask: 1335.95
Open: 1338.55
High: 1355.8
Low: 1333.34

markets rallied a bit during the course of the session on Friday, as we continue to see buyers jump into this marketplace. At this moment in time we believe that there is a significant amount of support near the $1340 level, and I am a firm believer that we will eventually break out to the upside. After all, we are certainly get “higher lows”, which is a sign of an uptrend. I am buying on dips, and believe that eventually we will at the $1500 level. …. more


Author: sevenepsilonseven

innovative exploitation of capital / ship / PATENT / public opinion former / loans in gold / against the new order things / towards globalization .... and enemy of the idiots

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