USA citizens, the fascists of globalization can not afford in to democracy, so …

USA citizens, the fascists of globalization can not afford in to democracy,
so, and in your expression, through the vote / elected 45 USA President Mr. Trump,

the fascists of globalization and the, ‘gang of killers – criminals against humanity’, see UKRAINE – MOROCCO- TUNISIA – ALGERIA – LIBYA – EGYPT – SYRIA (Isis) … etc,

.. the “killers – criminals scammers – Adventurers ‘etc, they think that the US is an lost feuds somewhere in the jungle …

proposal … if they continue to create problems the fascists, need is the (big and massive concentrations of democratic USA citizens,

against in concentrations of fascists of globalist…

can not a group of 2000 individuals, with the coverage of the defeated parrots of media and social deception,

to trying to go through fascism in the USA
the democratic USA citizens .. must to closed the door to all of them … and LEAVE QUIET THE NEW PRESEDENT TO WORK…

AND if the FASCISTS continue, the of overt fascist them ticked off … ignoring the expression of USA citizens, ‘through the election results’,
All democrats USA citizens … must to move on to a massive counter-demonstrations !!!

enough with the gangsters !!!
enough is enough with gangsters !!!
with gang of fascists-killers globalization’ !!!

Let we leave quiet the NEW PRESEDENT to work and the next 5 years,
We will know if they have succeed or not…
That’s democracy !!!


BREAKING: Federal Agents Just Confirmed Hillary Killed Vince Foster After Their Affair November 11, 2016

 The Clintons are the most vile, disgusting, and corrupt family to ever hold political office. Major revelations disseminated by WikiLeaks have allowed millions of people to see that Hillary and Bill have been far more corrupt than we ever have imagined….  more  >


Author: sevenepsilonseven

Innovative Exploitation of Funds / Vessels / Shaping of Pubic Opinion / Loans in Gold / Creation / Development of a new Currency - With official introducation in Foreign Excange Market (FOREX) !! ***Against Of The New Order Things - Against Globalization ... the enemy of idiots***

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