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Revilers Golden Dawn organize thematic week in secondary schools for ‘transofovia ‘ Monday, February 13, 2017 – Went a step further today research on the highly dangerous week ‘transofovias’ imposed on high school children the anti-Greek Education Ministry, the newspaper ‘Republic’. In accordance, therefore, with the ephemeris information, which we confirmed by the Institute for Educational Policy, the organization of this disgrace and preparing the toddler brain washing program undertaken by the NGO ‘Antigone’. The specific organization to effectively met the first time the list of organizations financed during the European elections the famous Jew plutocrat Soros. Specifically, then we see that the ENAR (European Network Against Racism), which in Greece has 4 ypoorganoseis, including the ‘Antigone’, had received $ 50,000 to create a MEP network, which will promote the agenda Soros. Later this same NGO had appeared with the ‘anti-racist education’ of the police from the ‘solidarity’ in terrorist Romanos professor. There were exercised systematic slander against Golden Dawn even in cases which are judgments acquitting the Golden Dawn. A few words now on the leadership team of the organization: Vice is the well-known anti-Hellenic, Michalis Tremopoulos, who as the ‘Republic’ newspaper says is ‘one of the defenders of being’ Macedonian ‘language and the rights of non-existent’ Macedonian ‘minority’. Director is the well known anti-Hellenic and syrizaios, Nassos Theodoridis, who oftentimes has written articles for the Macedonian, Turkish, and has attacked against the Epic of 40 ‘and the Pontic Greeks, and as the newspaper reports ‘refers to ethnic cleansing did Greeks in Tripolis, the massacres presented by N. Zervas at Chams during occupation and others. ‘ Scientific advisors in these NGOs are Andreas Takis, Secretary General of Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior on government George Papandreou, and Anastasia Tsoukalas, director of Tosca and ‘solidarity’ Romanos, as we have said. read more: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx *** Greek parents, it is your sacred duty, the protect your childrens, in this difficult period where globalization dies, tries to leave many children with psychological injuries KEEP CHILDREN at home until you pass the storm of ‘ rough times of globalization ‘ !!!

Πηγή: Revilers Golden Dawn organize t – velos | ello

Author: sevenepsilonseven

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