arrested Dragan criminal acts G – velos | ello

Should be arrested Dragan for criminal acts against the Greeks … (Will not be spared the special court) question and category, with more privilege, he was closed to Greek banks ??? should be arrested Dragan and go to a special court, a goodwill sign to the Greeks and Greece, otherwise you will suffer and this, ‘Schaeuble – Merkel’ the consequences for concealing and aiding, the criminal this energy and you know … the weather has turned and inter alia, The criminal energy of this Drago is enduring crime !!! Golden Dawn of Greeks who comes bringing (carrying) the universal values ​​of Hellenism, They will chase him until the end, ie up, Be arrested and go to the Special Court Dragan  BY CATEGORY, THE CRIMINAL ACTION AGAINST GREEK !! EVIDENCE DATA:

Πηγή: arrested Dragan criminal acts G – velos | ello


Author: sevenepsilonseven

innovative exploitation of capital / ship / PATENT / public opinion former / loans in gold / against the new order things / towards globalization .... and enemy of the idiots

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