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Financing Investments – Global Coat of Hellenism
(FIGCH) – World Funders
‘ finance business plans in 100% in Energy-shipping-primary sector-Mining (METAL-Liquid-Gas), world patents,
only for new business and (for young people from 25 years old)
and only one Provided, they have fulfilled their military obligations to the homeland.

From $100 thousands (usd) and up…
No need there be any private capital funds but only,serious investment plan

e-mail: ageanVelos@gmail.com
(with indication)

Πηγή: Ello | The Creators Network.

Author: sevenepsilonseven

Innovative Exploitation of Funds / Vessels / Shaping of Pubic Opinion / Loans in Gold / Creation / Development of a new Currency - With official introducation in Foreign Excange Market (FOREX) !! ***Against Of The New Order Things - Against Globalization ... the enemy of idiots***

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