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For Charlottesville: The American right is revolting Η αμερικανική δεξιά εξεγείρεται 18/08/2017 – 00:50 INTERNATIONAL POLICY The “bad guys” are always “right”, “far-right” and so on. You call them “fascists” and “Nazis” and you end up. Whatever the Tramp says the system will not give him, nor will he like it. “Nazis” and he in order not to be too tired. Same Hitler. A journalist I read, asked to lick the “fascists”. So raw, but also fearless. Here hatred and the challenge to violence are justified. You see, the Oceania nationals are entitled to the “two-minute hate” installment. Known things. Now that I think about it, let’s look at some finishes from what we did. The rally – rally of 11-12 August was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of the statue of the legendary general of South Robert E. Lee. The park that is the statue changed its name in June 2016, from “Park Lee” to “Park of Merit”! The removal of statues – forms of the Confederacy is the last man of the left who is supposedly bothered because the South “defended slavery”. The fact that Lee was against slavery and the US government offered him the position of general general of the Unio

Πηγή: Charlottesville: American revol – velos | ello

Author: sevenepsilonseven

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