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Πηγή: (19344) anondjo | Minds

Author: sevenepsilonseven

Innovative Exploitation of Funds / Vessels / Shaping of Pubic Opinion / Loans in Gold / Creation / Development of a new Currency - With official introducation in Foreign Excange Market (FOREX) !! ***Against Of The New Order Things - Against Globalization ... the enemy of idiots***

One thought on “(19344) anondjo | Minds”

  1. *** The bonds as investment bubbles reached the end, this game was OK at the beginning,. now it’s an stupid circle, who that makes money as ‘cash’,. in essence without profit because is not produced wealth … (global recession). *** so we come to the point to says that, ‘a world war is a pressing need’ . and the reason that everybody is zealously seeking it … victims yes, . here will be hundreds of millions, destruction big … Armageddon we say, .but then, all those who will have the chance to be with the living … will spend 200 years rich .. !!!. Good Luck !!!

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