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And you citizens of Italy must also give, one more slap to the international scammers of globalizations, … time has come for revolution against the fascists of globalization !!! by voting on 4 March 2018 Forza Italia “Berlusconi President” to come back Your country in your own hands !!! to back your life and the Liberty … Viva La Liberta … the Golden Dawn came … !!! and the fascist globalization is dead !!! hit to the globalization … YOU TALK AND SAY YES in Europe … but for Europe of Nations / States and not in Europe society with people minced meat !!! go door to door and talk ‘citizens, wake up and live’ and close out, from your homes the classics MEDIA … TV, newspaper, etc, wake up and looking the real truth … we must go out of the lie, the life wait us !!! the Golden Dawn came … !!!   March 4, 2018 and Italy to tear down fetters, do not be afraid

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Hellas Γνώμη τελικό irreversib – velos | ello

For Hellas Opinion says: final and irreversible… 5 parties in the next *House, 1> ND 24%, 2> Golden Dawn at 16%, 3> DISI (PASOK-POTAMI) 6%, 4> KKE 5%, 5> SYRIZA 4% *** and space for 6th, from the (break) of the ND, and a 7th political party of Zoi Kostantopoulou to have place !!! *** the coming break of ND brings ND of to 7%, and the New Political party resulting from the split to 30%… and together with the Golden Dawn of Hellenism, they make a government wth 43% and up, fot the next 50 Years, … and total geostrategic reversal in the area BLACK SEA / AEGEAN / MEDITERRANEAN / Middle East / ASIA !!! (time, next 28 months) !!! keep this who you are read !!!

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… ταχύρυθμα μαθηματα εξωτερικής πολιτικης και γεωστρατηγικής… δειτε >(5) Κασιδιάρης: Έτσι θα επικρατήσουμε σε ελληνοτουρκικό πόλεμο – YouTube

Μυθωδία (Mythodea)-Movement Gre – velos | ello

Μυθωδία (Mythodea)-Movement 1(with Greek lyrics.Με στίχους) ΜΥΘΩΔΙΑ – ΣΤΙΧΟΙ & ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑ ΟΛΟΚΛΗΡΟ ΤΟ ΝΤΟΚΙΜΑΝΤΕΡ

Πηγή: Μυθωδία (Mythodea)-Movement Gre – velos | ello

(5) “Η τέλεια γεωπολιτική καταιγίδα ξεκινά: Ρωσία, Τουρκία, Ιράν Vs ΗΠΑ Ισραήλ Κούρδων…” – YouTube